DELICIEUSEMENT VOTRE FORMATION has been professionally qualified by the prefecture of the Rhone-Alpes region since 2008 and offers professional training, advice and auditing in the kitchen within your restaurant. (Approval number 82 69 10263 69)  

You can use the training budget of your restaurant for free access to our services. The training content is adaptable and adaptable according to your professional objectives: development of new maps, training of employees, analysis of technical and organizational needs.

We take care of all the administrative procedures with the OPCA and can give you your legal budget for the year. For any information, contact Aurélie CHAUVIN by phone 04 37 41 58 07, or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

DIF - Individual Right to Training   Fafih - Your Partner for Pro Education


Discover our news recipes published in L…

PUBLICATION IN THE MAGAZINE OF LA VIE CLAIRE Discover 4 recipes written by Aurélie in the magazine "La Vie Claire" Download the recipes

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Cooking class schedule until december 20…

Cooking class schedule until december 2017 is online. Download schedule

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Saisons Culinaires' schedule in on line …

SEE SCHEDULE FOR 2017-2018 The program "saisons culinaires" is the once-a-month cooking class in order to acquire good cooking techniques with the help of different cooking theme. The programs are determined in advance...

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