Aurélie d'ASSIGNIES-CHAUVIN has always had a passion for cooking, and now she wants to share her expertise and experience through her cookery classes. She worked with Mathieu Vianney at his restaurant, Les Oliviers, at Restaurant L'Art et la Manière and at Restaurant L'Arc en Ciel of the Méridien Hotel in Lyon.

Since 2005, Délicieusement Vôtre has been the opportunity for her to share mouth-watering recipes and pass on culinary tips in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You will enjoy her simplicity and enthousiasm and will cook the freshest produce with professional utensils. You will be given an apron and tea towel to use during the session and a glass of wine to celebrate your achievements.

Sébastien BLANDON

Sébastien BLANDON is a qualified cookery teacher who has taught at the Ecole hôtelière in Dijon for many years.

His family has been in the catering profession at Bugey for 3 generations. He joined the Délicieusement Vôtre team in 2006. He also teaches at the GRETA and has been an accredited teacher for culinary circles since 2004. You will benefit from his culinary expertise and excellent teaching skills.


Charming dedication from our students

We do not resist the desire to make you discover this charming dedication of our students Mechref in Lebanon. They came with the direction of the Institution Saint Jospeh de Tassin...

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Culinary innovation for children food

Discover the behind the scenes of the creation of products by the Popote Company with the collaboration of Aurélie Pot'chef and children. Recipes created by and for children that combine...

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Cooking class schedule from April to Jul…

Cooking class schedule from April to July 2018 is online, we let you ride this greedy wave. We will have the pleasure to welcome until 21st of July, please feel free...

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